Warrington United Methodist Church

When you think of Africa, the gorgeous selection of animals comes to mind for most people. But for Warrington United Methodist Church, 19 little girls are what come to mind for their congregation.

For the past 6 months a small orphanage in Nyahururu, Kenya has been opening its doors to 19 new residents- nineteen little girls’ ages 5 to 12, in the newly founded facility of Little Drops Africa. These young children come from varied backgrounds of abuse and neglect. Since June of 2013 these girls have been calling Little Drops home, attending the local public school and now attending church on Sundays at their newly built chapel provided by Warrington United Methodist Church of Pensacola, Florida.

The Missions Committee of Warrington United Methodist Church spear headed a campaign to raise funds for this chapel through private donations, membership donations, sponsorships, collecting change, and selling honorary cards. The response was so overwhelming that funds raised were used to not only build the chapel, but furnish it with chairs, a beautiful altar and the electrical wiring. Additional funds were used to purchase a new stove (which replaced their current wood burning fire pit), clothes for the girls, two new bathrooms, jackets, shoes and footlockers in which to store their personal items.

Two of the members of the church traveled to Kenya in February of 2014 taking 125 pounds of supplies to the orphan girls. Dresses that the United Methodist Women made, Caps made by the Prayer Shawl Ministry, Energy bars donated by the congregation, toothbrushes, games, art supplies, socks, and jump ropes were also taken to the girls. The faces of those nineteen little girls reflected the hope, love and gratitude of what our Savior could only be saying….. “Good job, my good and faithful Servant- Warrington United Methodist Church”.

 “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”

Christmas at Little Drops Orphanage

 Laikipia, Kenya, Africa